Monday, January 4, 2010

This Just In: Dem Candidate for Governor Wants to Reinstate "Tolls" on State Roads!

In an unsurprising announcement, we learn that a Democratic candidate who is running for governor has decided that the only way we can reduce the deficit is to reinstate the tolls on state roads. One would think that such an absurd plan would constitute political suicide. The pro-toll candidate is Rudy Marconi, the Democratic first selectman of Ridgefield. He says that the plan will raise about $1 billion for the state. Watch this video in which he clearly makes his (misguided) case for bringing back tolls. Indeed, our state needs to remedy its budget problems, but the reinstatement of the system of tolls (which in 1983 killed 7 people in Stratford due to a truck driver who fell asleep and crashed into motorists waiting to pay the fees which therefore led to the removal of all tolls on I-95) is simply ill-informed and unnecessary. His plan calls for updated toll plazas which cars would simply drive under using the E-Z pass system. But how could one mandate such an expansion of government into people's lives, taking hard-earned dollars from motorists every time they pass under the plazas? Mr. Marconi is but one of 10 possible candidates for the November 2010 governor's election. If any other Democratic candidates support such a toll, they will surely lose any support among the people of our state. What we need are common-sense ideas, like shrinking government and cutting unnecessary programs. The way forward involves saving taxpayer dollars and fostering entrepreneurship. The more jobs we create, the greater the tax base will be, and the more income our state will receive. Many of those in power, however, have decided that suffocating local businesses under heavy taxes will help the state's budget, but it will only backfire. What is needed is the availability of tax-breaks for small businesses, which create over 70% of jobs. In conclusion, we strongly disagree with Mr. Marconi's call for the return of the tolls. We are confident that the people of Connecticut stand with us on this issue.

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