Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome to the First Post!

To all those who live in Connecticut, I would like to say "Welcome!" to the first blog that will truly serve our citizens by promoting common-sense solutions, lowering taxes, conserving open space, planning for efficient development, creating jobs, and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit. We humbly take "Yankee" as our party's name because of its ties to our state's rich social and economic heritage. It was the Yankees who protested in the original "Tea Party" in Boston harbor against the increased taxes that were imposed on our people by a foreign king. It was the Yankees who lived off their land and created economic growth which pushed our state towards the path of greater wealth that we see today. It was the Yankees who could fix what was broken for use another day. Our state is a great state. The current political parties have disputed over the state's budget, which remains deep in deficit, leaving our citizens with the fear of new taxes in this time of economic uncertainty. The work of the honorable M. Jodi Rell as our governor must be commended, as she has attempted to cut unnecessary programs despite the work of entrenched interests and some members of the Democratic caucus to bloat the size of our government. However, we all know that the larger the government becomes, the more money we lose in taxes. In the face of these conundrums, we are founding the Yankee Party here in Connecticut. It will be an independent party that will focus on serving the people of our great state with the issues listed above. In time, we will delve into these issues more closely and transparently, so that all Nutmeggers will be able to see and understand what we stand for and why we deserve to be elected to local and state offices. We plan to have candidates run for office in November 2010 so that we can help our citizens regain their voices in state government. We are a party "of the people, by the people, and for the people." We want those community leaders in business, construction, agriculture, services, religion, and more to get involved in the political sphere. It is the only way we can change our state's policies for the better. Please feel free to comment on what you read here and we will take it into account in our positions. Our readers and supporters will become our Yankee family here in Connecticut. Thank you for reading our blog, and check back often!

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